Thanks to participants


Dear friends and colleagues!

International solidarity day with civil society of Belarus united together many active people from various countries, and we would like to thank you for the attention and active involvement in it.

Please, make sure to forward this letter to people, who joined your local actions, as we don't have their contacts :))

It was a great pleasure to see so many responses of people from different countries. It just once again proves the idea that there are many people in the world who care about the world as a whole, and who are ready to support others. And it means that by our joint efforts we will be able to make this world a bit better.

Here are the reports on the action: — English, - Russian

Please, spread it among your contacts, put on the web-sites etc.

We do hope, that our small action made it possible for activists and human rights defenders in Belarus to become a bit happier, and bring new power to go on. But we also understand, that this was not enough to help our colleagues there. Such one-time actions are not enough.

That's why it is so important for us to give further support for civil society actors in Belarus and assist to get the situation in the country better. We would like to invite you to see the other forms of help to civil society of Belarus. 

1. You may become a volunteer of Belarus NGOs or the NGOs that work to help Belarus civil society. If you have such wish – you can contact us or find such organization in the Internet. We have here a list of major civil society organizations of Belarus (in Russian only).

2You may become a supporter of International Observation Mission in Minsk. And support its work symbolically. To become a supporter – you should fill in this form. The Mission was established in December 2010 in order to monitor situation in Belarus and provide urgent response to cases of human rights violations and pressure on civil society and human rights defenders.

More details about the Mission community (in Russian)

3. If you have your NGO, it may join the Committee of International Control over the human rights situation in Belarus. It's an international coalition of NGOs who sustain regular work to help Belarus civil society. To join the Committee please e-mail

4. Also, if you have you own initiatives, ideas or poposals on what could be done on Belarus or any other comments and proposals — please share it with us, we would be glad to have this partnership further. So please make as aware of your work on Belarus.

Many thanks again for your actions.

And let's build together society of solidarity without any borders!

Organizers of the Action.