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What can you do on the 4th of August?

Individual actions:

  1. Write a letter of support to any of the political prisoners, to their families and close relatives;

  2. Send a postcard (or a letter of support) to human rights and civil organizations of Belarus;

  3. Take a photo with an inspirational quotation or a cornflower in a place related to Belarus or elsewhere. Send your photos to;

  4. Give a cornflower (an image or a real one) as a present to somebody and tell them about the Soli-Day.


Informational actions:

0. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, VK;

  1. Spread the information about the International Day of Solidarity with the Civil Society of Belarus in social networks, via your blog or on your website, invite people to join in;

  2. Use a banner of the Action;

  3. Add the symbol of the Day to your profile picture or place there an inspirational quote;

  4. Tag your entries on topics related using the #4Aug hash-tag;

  5. Tell us about the organizations and activists who are in for artistic/ecological/other alternatives (stories about young civil leaders will be appreciated);


Awareness-raising actions:

If you plan to carry out an action of Solidarity in your city, write to us at so that we could add your town to our map.

  1. Organize an original action in your city or country so that people get to know about the current situation with human rights and civil society in Belarus. Tell them about the regular actions which they can join when 4th of August is over.

    For example,“find” Belarus in your city, in your country and/or create such space by organizing a symbolic “renaming” of streets or squares in dedication to a human rights organization or civil society activist, a political prisoner or an artist – so that at least for one day there will be Free Belarus Square, Vasiliy Bykov avenue or Ales Bialiatski street in many cities (see Materials for the action);

  2. Organize (or participate in) concerts, poetic meetings, open lectures and other awareness-raising events;

  3. Make an exhibition dedicated to Belarus using the materials about the Belarusians who have contributed to the world’s culture in your city, office, home, etc.


Regular actions:

  1. Become a volunteer of an organization or a group from your own country that provides support to the civil society of Belarus (e.g. “Amnesty International”, International Observation Mission of the Committee of International Control over the Human Rights Situation in Belarus, Belarusian diasporas, etc.).

For more information about such groups or organizations please contact our working group:;

  1. Make friends with a civil society group or organization, journalists, activists from Belarus and provide them with your support;

  2. Organize your own group of solidarity with Belarus. Choose a political prisoner or a concrete problem you feel most motivated to help solve;

  3. Regularly appeal to the authorities of your country to take a tougher stance on the issue of human rights violations in Belarus. An inter-state complaint to the Human Rights Committee against Belarus which fails to meet its international obligations may be of use.