The International Day of Solidarity with the Civil Society of Belarus.

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The International Day of Solidarity with the Civil Society of Belarus is being celebrated on August, 4th  for the fourth time this year.


4 years ago, on the 4th of August Ales Bialiatski, one of the leading Belarusian human rights defenders, was arrested. On that day we launched the International Day of Solidarity with civil society and human rights movement in Belarus.


Seven countries around the world celebrated the International Day of Solidarity with Belarus on August the 4th. Human and civil rights activists, as well as other people who are simply sympathetic with the citizens of Belarus and who share deep concern about their future, took part in online discussions, talked to people on the streets and posted various material in social media in order to raise awareness of countless violations of human rights in Belarus.


The Republic of Belarus is considered one of the most unfree countries on the European continent. Social and political situation in the country develops in a cycle: in the run-up to the next elections the authorities try to create for the Western states an illusion of “liberalization” and readiness for reforms, hoping for "dialogue" in order to obtain economic aid, and when they are over, start a new crackdown, imprisoning political opponents, persecuting human rights defenders, journalists and civil society activists and adopting new repressive laws.


On August 4th 2012 the first International Day of Solidarity with Civil Society of Belarus took place in many countries around the globe. This celebration became an annual event.

On  August 4th 2014 we also appeal to those interested with Belarus and concerned with problems of its civil society to express their position with acts of solidarity to all Belarusian activists who live and work under the difficult conditions imposed by the regime.

We would like to expand the thesis of the past years «Solidarity is stronger than repression» with the support of young civil activists in Belarus, whose activity risk pressure and confrontation with the authorities. Despite this situation in Belarus, there are plenty of strong civil organizations and initiatives, human rights defenders and activists that continue to work in the country to promote values of equality, non-violence and human rights.




On August 4th Freedom House will celebrate the International Day of Solidarity with Civil Society and Human Rights Movement in Belarus. On this day, events commemorating the work of imprisoned human rights activist Ales Bialiatski and other Belarusian human rights defenders will take place in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, UK, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland and other countries.

4th of August

Thousands of people around the world joined the International Day of Solidarity with Belarus civil society. Human rights defenders, civil activists, politicians, artists and ordinary citizens from 15 countries of the world took part in actions of solidarity on 4 August.

4th of AugustWorldwide

Yesterday, 400 youth from across the globe showed their support to civil society in Belarus, as they take part in an international youth environmental camp in Lofoten, Norway. The youth made a video, saying the sentence “solidarity is stronger than repression’, in several languages.

4th of AugustNorway

Index joins the International Day of Solidarity with Civil Society of Belarus to be held on 4 August, on the second anniversary of the arrest of a well-known Belarusian human rights defender Ales Bialiatski.

Mike Harris, Head of Advocacy at Index, said:

4th of August

02.08.2013 On initiative of Marek Migalski, Polish member of European Parliament, and Swiss-German human rights watchdog Libereco - Partnership for Human Rights, 15 international members of parliament issued the statement below on the human rights situation in Belarus:

„The latest reports and statements of Belarusian human rights defenders demonstrate that the human rights situation in Belarus continues to deteriorate.

4th of August