Anna Gerasimova, Human Rights House of Boris Zvoskov

What was important in the life of civil society in Belarus over the last year?

There are a variety of new and exciting initiatives in the community this year, but to me civil society is seen primarily through the prism of human rights and human rights movement. In this sense, a very important element was the extension of the mandate of the UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Belarus.

What can activists and human rights activists in other countries to help change the situation in Belarus?

First of all, it seems to me that we ourselves need to make this effort to change the situation in Belarus. And our colleagues from other countries can help us in this its solidarity and willingness to help in the difficult and in calm times. A good example of such assistance during the period of repression in 2011 functioning of the Committee on International Control. In a more "peaceful" times, this same can be an exchange of experience, the search for new, effective methods of work, a collaborative effort advocacy and promotion of the issue of the human rights situation in Belarus tointernational level, the development of a broad public awareness campaigns in the country, etc.

What gives you the strength to continue work personally in the civilian sector?

I think when you believe in the importance of global values ​​that are at the forefront in the sector in which you work, then the continuation of any special forces not necessary. Sometimes you only need to be able to lift his head just above your everyday routine duties and see the big picture, see the skyline. Then all becomes much easier.