Raisa Mikhailovskaya, Belarusian Documentation Centre

What can activists and human rights activists in other countries to help change the situation in Belarus?

I would like to thank the Russian human rights defenders, in particular, for your solidarity and support for Belarus.

Unfortunately, in our country we have a very limited capacity for shaping public opinion, the impact on people, upon which certain decisions at the state level. You can open your eyes to the real picture of the situation in Belarus through a variety of actions, not only to their own nationals.

Belarusian officials, prosecutors and members of parliament will have to reply to you on mass appeals and demands to release political prisoners, allow freedom of Ales Bialiatski.

And if in dozens of countries in one day on the editorials of newspapers will be written only two words - "BELARUS" and "SOLIDARITY" - people's hearts will stir not only in Belarus. After demanding freedom for Belarus, a person involuntarily to think about freedom in their country.

What gives you the strength to continue work personally in the civilian sector?

Who, if not me? I think that this is the position, which is the best stimulus for the human rights organization. And yet - the responsibility for the people who need your support for a cause that began with the results of your work.

And, of course, the belief in change. I am very interested to do what I do, I'm interested in the people with whom I work. While many surrounding often do not understand what is actually involved in human rights. I am sure that these are the people who push our society forward. Maybe they are self-confident enough to think they can change our country and Belarusians understanding of human rights, but they are the ones who are really doing it. It takes time to this understanding and self-esteem to the people really come. And I very much hope that we will wait for it. So here I am with you.