Belarusian Dream

In Russian (60 min).

Film by the Russian journalist Ekaterina Kibalchich.

Belarusian dream is a story which a person tells about events in his country: emotions, facts, expectations. It was the first independent film about the so-called Square-2010, when people, who didn’t agree with the official election results, gathered in the center of Minsk after the day of Belarusian presidential elections. The peaceful action was violently dispersed by the police. As a result 700 people were arrested.

Preparation for the opening of the film was kept in secret; the show itself – closed. Up to the last moment directors didn’t want to share information about the event to protect it from the security services, which could break up the opening of the film about the events of December 19, 2010.


Animated cartoon “Let’s be Belarusians”

In Belarusian (5 min).
Idea by Yulia Liashkevich, “BudzmaTUT” project.

“Let’s be Belarusians” is the 1st professionally made animated cartoon, which is dedicated to Belarusian history starting from its beginning up to now. The cartoon was made in the framework of the joint project “BudzmaTUT” by “Let’s be Belarusians” cultural campaign and TUT.BY web-portal.

The project aims at getting the general public interested in Belarusian history and culture. The authors believe that these particular values can nowadays unite Belarusians who are so different.


How Justice Looks Like in Belarus

In Polish, Belarusian languages with Russian subtitles (23 min).

Film by the TVN television channel (Poland).

It is a documentary of the biggest private TV channel in Poland – TVN – about events, which are related to the terrorist attack in Minsk. On April 11, 2011 there was an explosion at the Oktyabrskaya metro station of Minsk which resulted in 15 killed and 203 injured people.

President Lukashenko took the investigation of the terrorist attack under his control.

In just one-day period Belarusian law enforcement bodies reported that they had found the perpetrators of the terrorist attack – Dmitriy Konovalov and Vladislav Kovalyov. A court sentenced them to death. Human rights defenders and independent observers of the court proceedings reported numerous violations during the investigation and failure to prove the guilt of those young people. Despite this, the sentence was enforced. Liubov Kovalyova, mother of the executed Vladislav Kovalyov, takes part in the film.


Bitter Winter in Belarus

In Russian and Belarusian languages; with English subtitles (7 min).
Film by the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH).

The film portrays the pressure and repression exercised by the Belarusian authorities against all the people who have protested against the rigging of the December 19, 2010 presidential elections, which were, according to official data, won by the acting president Alexander Lukashenko (with an official result of 79,65 per cent). But according to some public opinion polls and exit-polls data he couldn’t get even 40 per cent of votes.

Following the announcement of the election results, about 700 persons demonstrating peacefully in the centre of Minsk to denounce electoral fraud, were arrested and sent to prison, many of them were severely beaten. Among them were seven opposition candidates, along with political activists, independent journalists and human rights defenders. Some of the activists received arbitrary prison sentences, while others had their offices and apartments raided repeatedly by the security forces, without access to fair means of defence.