Thanks to the participants

Dear friends and colleagues!

Let us thank you for your attention to the international action on International day of solidarity with Belarus civil society.

It was a great pleasure to see so many responses of people from so different countries. It just once again proves the idea that there are many people in the world who care about the world as a whole.

We also hope that this little action makes our colleagues from Belarus a bit happier.

As you may know, this Action was organized with participation of Committee of international control over the human rights situation in Belaurs (CIC) — an international coalition of NGOs fro different countries, that provides support of Belarus human rights movement and civil society for a 1,5 years. More details about the Committee you can get from here.

That's why we would like to invite you also to other actions of help and participation in human rights protection in Belarus.

1. It is possible to become a volunteer or partner of certain Belarus organizations, or the foreign ones working on Belarus. If you are eager to do this, let us know and we'll bring you together with the group who may need your help. It can be translations, search and sread of information etc. The list of Belarus NGOs is here.

2. It is possible to become a volunteer or an active participant of International observation mission of CIC in Minsk — participation is also possible from volunteer level up to researcher, analyst of PR manager.

3. We also think now about some cute and funny actions on how to raise the topic of Belarus in our countries — so write to us if you feel craze enough to join it :)))

4. If your organization would like to become a part of the CiC  - and join the international activity we perform  - please, write to And also - let us know, if you have any ideas| proposals or  remarks regarding the Day - please, let us know.

Nevertheless we will be glad to have further cooperation with you. So please keep us informed about your work related to Belarus.

Let's board international solidary civil society together!

The coordinative group of the Action